Monday, April 18, 2022

HELLO, BABY! I'm Your Mom and BEVAN, A Well-Loved Bear: 2 PICTURE BOOKS, 1 Giveaway

Today I have two books that are perfect for the very youngest readers who you hold in your arms and cuddle on your lap. Both books are courtesy of Sleeping Bear Press.

HELLO, BABY! I'm Your Mom

This simple but beautiful rhyming book written by Eve Bunting with vivid illustrations by Jui Ishida, will be a family bedtime favorite. The sing-song repetition will delight toddlers too!

Here is the first page:
"Baby darling, you're so sweet!
Your tiny hands, your tiny feet!
I love you. I'll take care of you
like other loving mommies do."
From there, the book goes on to show ten sets of mommies and babies. Here are some of my favorites:

"Hello, my little kitty-cat.
I'm your mom. Imagine that!
I'll share my nice soft bed with you.
It's cozy and there's room for two!"


Mama Porcupine-

And Mama elephant surrounded by her baby's family.

From a furry Mama-

"My precious, tiny polar bear, 

it's could outside, but we don't care.

Our den is warm, and when you grow,

we'll hunt together in the snow."

The book returns to where it began, with a baby who has grown!


   "Ever since the world began 

    this has been the perfect plan.

    Hurrah for moms and babies, too!

    I was a baby. So were you!"

Back matter includes two spreads with photographs of the animals and more information about each one.  

Bevan, A Well-Loved Bear

Petra Brown, the author illustrator of this sweet generational tale, has created a story that like Bevan, may be passed down from one family member to another. As I read this opening line, I imagined the scratchy fur of my well-loved childhood stuffed toy. 

"Bevan is a very, very old bear. His fur is a little patchy and his paws are rather scrappy but he still smiles."

"When Bevan was a brand-new bear, he lived in a large nursery with three children and Nanny."

Bevan passed from Nanny to her granddaughter, who cherished Bevan and treated him like a king. When her father gets a job at a light house, Bevan enjoys feeling the wind ruffle his fur from the top of the tower. The girl marries and Bevan shares a saddle with her son as they ride around their ranch. 

The boy grows into a teen and gets a job at a local soda shop.

The boy and his friend save money and take off in a colorful bus. Of course, Bevan rides in the front seat.

Bevan gets his picture taken all across the United States, but then one day--he gets left behind! A scruffy dog brings him home to his owner, an artist. Bevan is getting a little worn by now, but still has the job of greeting a new baby.

Baby girl grows up, goes to camp, and takes Bevan along. But, he falls down behind her bunk and is forgotten. 

Bevan gets cleaned up, and taken to a thrift store. There, he doesn't have to wait long. "My mom saw him on display in the window looking very dapper. She fell in love with him and brought him home to me!"

"His fur is a little patchy and his paws are rather scrappy, but he still smiles. And I love him very, very much!"

I love how the narrator of the book is a little girl who has imagined her bear's life before he comes to live with her. 


Both of these books would make wonderful baby gifts-- or in my case, a grandma gift! I'm saving Bevan for my new grandson who will be making his debut in June--I think his big sister, Eleanor, will love reading this to him and her other brothers. 

If you are interested in winning Hello Baby, I'm Your Mom, please leave me a comment by April 21. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS if you are new to my blog. NOTE: Marci - can you please leave your last name and email address? I don't have it on file and I need it in case you win!



Marci said...

Both of these books look beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I’ll email you my last name & email if that’s okay. Thanks!

Carol Baldwin said...

That's fine, Marci. I just want to be able to enter your name--starting with this giveaway!

Danielle H. said...

These books are wonderful! Both would make excellent baby shower gifts too. I would love to win a copy of Eve Bunting's book to share this Mother's Day.

Carol Baldwin said...

Good idea, Danielle! You're in.

Barbara Younger said...

I would love to win Hello Baby. What a wonderful idea for a book!

Carol Baldwin said...

Yes, I know. And the illustrations are gorgeous! You're in Barbara.

Lois said...

Eve Bunting is a wonderful author. Any book of hers is sure to become a classic, including HELLO BABY.

Thanks, Carol for spotlighting these books.


Carol Baldwin said...

It is a beautiful book, Lois. thanks for commenting.

Terri DeGezelle Michels said...

Beautiful words threaded together to tell a wonderful story. Thank you, Terri

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Terri. It is!

Carol said...

These books sound fantastic, as is your way of bringing them to life in your reviews. One of my grandbabies is about to become a big sister, so I'll be giving her a copy of Hello, Baby! --whether I happen to be your winner or not. I love gifting wonderful kids' books to the littles in my life, and I appreciate the help finding books I might not otherwise discover!

Carol Baldwin said...

Glad you found my blog, Carol--and yes, it'll make a great big sister present when new baby arrives!

Rosi said...

Bevan looks really sweet. I can see why you need to hang onto that one! I would love to pass Baby! I'm Your Mom along to one of my former students who just had a baby. I know she would use it well and love it. Thanks for the chance.

Carol Baldwin said...

You're in, Rosi!

Unknown said...

Kathy said, These 2 books look wonderful for little ones. I love the rhymes and illustrations, as well as their messages! Thank you for reviewing them, Carol! I'm sorry Carol I can't seem to find where to give you my name.

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