Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Check out this fun definition of copyright!

A friend passed this along; it is a very creative way to teach kids what copyright means. Check out:


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Jeffrey A. Carver said...

Hi Carol! It's a funny and clever video. (I first saw it about two days ago.) And yet...

I think it erroneously conveys the impression that copyright is some big, bad ogre that people ought to resent, because they might have to pay or at least get permission to use someone's work. (Comments that viewers have posted certainly indicate that's how it's being received.) But without copyright, how would artists earn any income from their work? And most of them earn far too little as it is.

It's easy to lampoon Disney, for trying to keep extending copyright so they can keep collecting royalties on Mickey Mouse. But the truth is that copyright serves an essential function in supporting the arts and all sorts of intellectual endeavors. And that's something that's often forgotten nowadays.

(I did like the video's description of fair use, though. It demystified it in a humorous way.)

Best wishes for your blog!


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