Monday, August 27, 2018

Fundamental STEPS to Writing Historical Fiction-- Highlights 2018

Congratulations to Joyce Hostetter who won THE HERO TWO DOORS DOWN and to Clara Gillow Clark who won PACO'S PAINTBRUSH. Clara Gillow Clark is the blogger from whom I won FOOD FIGHT FIESTA. (And no, I didn't rig the contest. always picks my winners!)

Several weeks ago when I blogged about teaching at Write 2 Ignite, I mentioned that I have another opportunity to teach this fall. I'm thrilled to share that I'll be part of the faculty for Highlights Foundation's Historical Fiction Workshop led by my friend and mentor, Joyce Hostetter

Following the acronym STEPS, this is what Joyce and her team will cover:

STORY: Finding stories embedded in history and embedding history into our stories.

TIME: Allowing the historical era to shape characters, dialogue, actions, and more. Lila Weaver will present a talk on going from an eyewitness to a story teller.

EXPERTS: Seeking insight from archivists, specialists, eyewitnesses, and survivors. This is MY talk!! (I guess Joyce decided that after hearing my excitement over finding each new expert for Half-Truths, she would have me share my experience with others.)

PLACE: Infusing the story with a sense of locality and culture. This talk is by Julie Chibbaro.

SOURCES: Researching history and documenting resources.


Check the schedule and you'll see that besides talks on these subjects, participants will meet one on one with Joyce. They will have time to work on their manuscript and receive input from the faculty and other attendees. Carolyn Yoder, Joyce's editor, will also join the group for a question and answer session. 

 If you don't know Joyce, then here's the link to the Highlights blog where she talks about her journey as an historical fiction novelist. It's always fun to hear how she wrote BLUE without a thought that it would turn into a series. DRIVE is coming out this fall and Joyce is now writing her fifth book in the Bakers Mountain Series!

If you want to make history come alive to middle grade or young adult readers, then this is the workshop for you. To read more about the workshop and enter the great giveaways that Joyce is offering, click here for the special newsletter on the workshop. 

Hurry! The workshop is limited to eight students and is filling up--but Joyce and I would love to see you there too!


Linda Phillips said...

Lucky folks that will get to have both of you at this conference!! Wish I were one of them, but maybe another time.

Carol Baldwin said...

Yes, I wish you could join us too!

Sandra Warren said...

I was thinking the same thing as Linda. Those who attend will be fortunate to have both of you as teachers. I too wish I could be there.

I know you'll both do a phenomenal job.

Linda A. said...

What a wonderful experience for all! So happy you will be part of the faculty too, Carol!

Clara Gillow Clark said...

Sounds like a fantastic workshop and a superstar lineup! Wish I could join you all. . .

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks Linda, Clara, and Sandra!

Rosi said...

I haven't been to a Highlights Workshop in a while. Sure wish I could go to this one! Have a great time and build a little poem in the stone garden for me.

Carol Baldwin said...

Rosi-- I will build a poem for you and wish you could join us!

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